Gezond diner

Verse Loempia’s met Vietnamese Dipsaus Nem Cuon met Nuoc Cham Off

Verse loempia’s met eentje Vietnamese dipsaus Nem Cuon met Nuoc Cham Op zoals Vietnam, voordat den foodie-samenwerking van dit maand, georganiseerd vanwege thecultiveeater plus stefsfoodcravings, plus dit verse loempia’s waren den perfecte methode wegens dat te vieren. Zij zijn geproduceerd van zacht rijstpapier, gewikkeld rond eentje vulling van verse smaakstoffen, garnalen, varkensvlees, malse noedels, taugé plus slaatje. Vol contrasterende texturen plus frisse smaken, vervolgens gedoopt ter eentje pittige saus geproduceerd van limoensap, vissaus, pepers, gember plus look. Zo versregel, zo lekker plus nog intact gezondheidsbevorderend zowel ✅

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  1. Wow beautiful spring rolls🤩I used a brown rice wrapper, less stunning than these nice translucent rolls of yours!🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Oh wow!! 😍 These are so pretty Claire. I actually bought the rice paper to make these and didn’t feel I was up to the challenge on the day. I’m so glad that you’ve made them. They’re stunning 🤩🦐🌿❤️🇻🇳❤️

  3. I’m so glad someone made these! I was playing with the idea too! They look fabulous! 👌😋

  4. These look stunning! Bet they were an awesome pairing with the dipping sauce 🤤🙌🏾

  5. They are looking fantastic❤️ I tried making those once, it wasn’t a pretty picture 😄. Wonderful dish ❤️

  6. They look too good to eat! Beautifully done and presented ❤️👏🔥

  7. They look amazing 😍🙌🙌💯💯💯 I love spring rolls 😋❤️

  8. These look so delicious, Claire – I can just imagine all those fresh bright flavors. Mmmmm!!!! 😍👏

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